Love Island Australia Series 2: 6 Things You Need To Know About The Next Series

13 July 2020, 13:52

Love Island Australia series 2 had some seriously iconic moments
Love Island Australia series 2 had some seriously iconic moments. Picture: Love Island Australia Instagram

Love Island Australia has fans wanting more of the dating show drama as series 1 on ITV2 comes to an end- so what can you expect from series 2?

Love Island Australia has been keeping all of you entertained after the UK summer series was scrapped due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and as series 1 comes to a close, people are already looking forward to series 2 and all the drama it has in store.

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Series 2 was filmed in Fiji

Love Island Australia series 1 was filmed in Mallorca, Spain much like the UK series, with couples taking romantic dates around the island and taking in some of those idyllic Spanish sites.

However, for the second series, the show shot just ever so slightly closer to home on the island of Fiji (unlucky series 1 contestants) in a luxury topical villa, complete with beachside views, a purpose built pool for the series (because what is Love Island without a pool), and endless sun.

ITV Studios’ head of entertainment, The Majella Wiemers, told the Sunday Telegraph it was 'easier' to film in a location closer to Australia and can send a new contestant out in 48 hours, much like the UK show does.

There's major drama, and some iconic bust-ups

Jessie and Maurice's dramatic argument | Love Island Australia 2019

The first series had one of the biggest fights in all of Love Island history, so the second series had some serious drama to live up to, and it doesn't disappoint.

From Jessie accusing Maurice of wanting publicity and putting words in her mouth and some seriously frosty disagreements, there's plenty more piping hot tea in the second series.

The show had its first ever same sex couple in series 2

The second series of the Aussie series saw Cassie Lansdell and Phoebe Thompson coupled up in a first for show after they quickly found a connection with each other when Cassie entered the villa as a late arrival.

Cassie said: "If none of the boys do it for me, I’m not going to fake it. It’s about me and doing what’s best for me, it’s not about anyone else."

The pair had an instant connection, but it didn't last long, with Phoebe wanting to take a 'step' back and explore things with another [male] contestant, but nonetheless, the pair broke a seriously big barrier for the show!

The first ever same sex coupling came in 2016 on the UK series, which saw the late Sophie Gradon coupled up with Tom Powell, but re-coupled with Katie Salmon when she entered the villa.

Despite the fact the coupling didn't last long, it was a first for the infamous heterosexual dating show and made the TV history books.

The show was 'cancelled' after its second series

After two hugely successful series, it was 'immediately' cancelled after the second series came to a close.

In June, 2020, the Australian channel Nine Network announced they are yet to reconsider a third series, however, whether this is decision to not push ahead with a third series is due to the COVID-19 pandemic or not remains unclear.

The network has said: "The on-going health crisis has meant Love Island Australia is unable to go into production this year."

"We continue to work through where, when and how the next season of the show can be filmed in 2021. We will make further announcements when those plans are confirmed."

Identical twins are sent into the villa... sound familiar?!

Move over Winter Love Island twins Jess and Eve, Love Island Oz saw twins Luke and Josh Packham were dropped into the Fijian villa to cause mass confusion and excitement amongst the cast, and people fell in love with their cute bond.

Spoiler, things get pretty emotional when one of them is dumped from the villa without the other (a classic twin twist) and if you don't want to find out any more of what goes down between them, then don't scroll down, because there's a major spoiler!

SPOILER! The couple who takes the crown are still together!

Proving Love Island really can (sometimes) be a winning formula for love and relationships, the 2019 crowned champions, Anna Mcevoy and Josh Packham took home the $50,000 wind fall and are still extremely loved up to this day!

Fans of the series from all over the world often drop comments on their snaps saying how happy they are to see the pair still together having come to their pages after finishing the show, and it's kind of giving us a bit of faith in love!

Their handles are @packham_pear and @annamcevoy21 if you fancy having a little stalk, because you can totally still watch the series even if you know the ending, right?!

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