Louis Tomlinson Is The Ultimate BFF To His Fans & Here Are The Snaps To Prove It

25 January 2021, 11:14 | Updated: 25 January 2021, 12:10

Louis Tomlinson is the ultimate bestie to his fans
Louis Tomlinson is the ultimate bestie to his fans. Picture: PA / Getty
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Louis Tomlinson is known for treating his fans like friends and we’ve found the cutest moments of the One Direction star with his ‘Louies’ to prove it.

Louis Tomlinson is without a doubt one of the sweetest stars out there when it comes to his fans and one of the ‘Walls’ singer’s loyal fan accounts has put together the cutest thread of pics that we all needed to see!

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Gathering snaps of all the times the father-of-one treated his ‘Louies’ like his BFFs, the person combined a serious number of photos that gives us yet another reason to stan the One Direction star!

Louis Tomlinson's fans are looking back at his group photos
Louis Tomlinson's fans are looking back at his group photos. Picture: PA

The fan - @IC4RUSLOUIS on Twitter – penned: “Louis Tomlinson treating his fans like his group of best friends; an adorable thread,” followed by group pictures that look like the cutest squad pics ever.

From hugging, to peace sign poses and the biggest smiles ever, he really caters to every kind of snap!

If that wasn’t adorable enough, the account shared a series of clips of Louis walking out of buildings into the crowd of fans, talking to them and hugging them like the angel he is!

Taking to the thread to comment about how precious the 1D star is, one fan wrote: “These kinds of threads always end up with me saving photos I’ve already saved before because I just cANT HELP IT OKAY [sic].”

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“I wanna be part of his friend group now [sic],” shared another. A third added: “I WANT TO MEET HIM SO BAD [crying emojis].”

“I LOVE HIM SO MUCH IM GONNA CRY,” said another, and honestly, we can relate.

It comes as no surprise that Louis is super kind to his fans, as the One Direction boys are always the friendliest stars ever with their Directioners.

His former bandmates, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik have a track record of taking their time to chat with their fans since the early days of 1D and we’re glad to see they’re still the same humble kings they’ve always been!

Judging by the amount of people who have retweeted and liked the thread, it’s clear we can all agree that this is exactly the kind of content we love to see.

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