Little Mix Brand Simon Cowell's X Factor Storylines 'Scripted & Predictable'

22 September 2020, 10:11

Little Mix brand 'The X Factor' predictable and scripted
Little Mix brand 'The X Factor' predictable and scripted. Picture: PA/ The X Factor

Little Mix have slammed 'The X Factor' as scripted and predictable, saying a reality show won't work unless it is authentic as they gear up for their talent show, 'Little Mix: The Search', to air.

Little Mix have spoken honestly about The X Factor's 'predictable and scripted' storylines which they say contributed to its fall in ratings whilst speaking to the Radio Times about their upcoming talent show Little Mix: The Search.

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Jade, 27, was honest about how reality television has changed over the years, and emphasised the need for shows to be truthful and drop the dramatic formula they kept for so long, which she says people just don't buy anymore.

She said: "You can’t lie to people. People aren’t stupid any more about the smoke and mirrors."

Speaking about The X Factor, which the band was formed on and won back in 2011, she continued:

"The problem is when it’s like a script. It lost its authenticity. The minute it doesn’t seem real, you switch off."

"How am I meant to believe in it? I could literally write it myself and tell you what’s coming next."

The band are launching their own search to form the next big band who will join them on their recently announced 2021 'Confetti' tour and have been reflecting on their own journey on Simon Cowell's hugely successful talent show.

They made it clear there are no hard feelings with their former boss, but Perrie did add, "The best revenge is success."

Little Mix: The Search is due to air on BBC One from the 26th September.

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