Jeffree Star Fan Finds A Secret Message In Their Extreme Frost Highlighter

12 March 2020, 16:12

One Jeffree Star fan found a secret message in their highlighter
One Jeffree Star fan found a secret message in their highlighter. Picture: Getty / Jeffree Star Cosmetics

One makeup lover discovered a secret message within her Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette.

Jeffree Star is known for coming up with empowering and memorable names for each of his cosmetics products, but he’s also been dropping these phrases in parts of his products most customers might not have noticed.

Jeffree Star Promises Nude Eyeshadow Palette In 2020 – Days After Announcing Blood Lust Collection

When one Jeffree Star fan took the insert out of their Extreme Frost ‘Choking On Ice’ highligther they found find the word ‘succeed’ emblazoned in the vegan leather beneath it.

The Reddit user posted this picture to prove their discovery
The Reddit user posted this picture to prove their discovery. Picture: Kelladelic/Reddit
Jeffree Star's Extreme Frost in Choking on Ice
Jeffree Star's Extreme Frost in Choking on Ice. Picture: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

They took to Reddit to share their discovery, writing: “Jeffree never fails to amaze me with his attention to detail!”

In the picture uploaded, the product's exterior purple box can be seen surrounding the black lining, which has 'succeed' etched into it.

Other Jeffree Star fans asked if anyone else has found the same message on their own products, while one came forward with a logical theory.

They wrote: “JSC is using recycled faux leather in places on the boxes components, etc, where the uniformity wouldn’t be noticed. I have no issue with recycled materials being used for the record.”

One person also pointed out there are similar messages on every Jeffree Star Cosmetics product, agreeing the entrepreneur has an incredible attention to detail.

However, another fan said they wouldn’t be pulling their products apart to find out any time soon!

Jeffree has already promised a huge 2020 in regards to new products, after discontinuing two of his eyeshadow palettes in January to make room for his new creations.

In February he announced the launch of his new collection Blood Lust and days later promised a nude eyeshadow palette would be coming later this year.

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