WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Hilariously Reads Mean Tweets Against Him Reaching Number 1 In The US

12 August 2020, 14:23 | Updated: 12 August 2020, 16:29

Lewis Capaldi hits back at mean tweets as he aims for a Number 1 in America
Lewis Capaldi hits back at mean tweets as he aims for a Number 1 in America. Picture: Instagram @lewiscapaldi

Lewis Capaldi has hit back at mean tweets about him not deserving to reach number 1 in the US with his tune 'Before You Go' and before you ask, yes, it's absolutely hilarious.

Lewis Capaldi has been hilariously hitting back at mean tweets about him trying to bag the number 1 spot in America with his banger 'Before You Go' and the results are unsurprisingly hilarious.

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Currently sitting at number 11 on the charts, Lewis sarcastically joked how grateful he was for all of the support he's been receiving, before reading out a flurry of seriously mean tweets about his song.

The 23-year-old said: "'Before You Go' is number 11 in America and as always, as always, it's the fans that keep me going...have a look at this."

The Scottish hit maker read the tweets in hilariously deadpan way, with one tweet reading: "Please no do not make this a big hit America...please."

Another simply said: "In hell rn."

One particularly dramatic troll said: "F***ing end me."

Getting a sneaky little plug in for his tune that's climbing the charts across the pond, Lewis said:

"If it wasn't for 10 songs, I would be number 1...thanks America, the country, you've done a really good thing for me."

The singer (and comedian, let's be honest) has been busily writing music and performing over video chat during lockdown, as well as bagging himself a girlfriend!

Isolation suits you, Lewis!

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