Laura Whitmore Says Caroline Flack’s Death ‘Frightened’ Her: ‘She Was So Strong-Willed And Feisty’

28 April 2020, 14:45

Laura Whitmore opened up during a candid interview.
Laura Whitmore opened up during a candid interview. Picture: Instagram

Laura Whitmore has opened up about Caroline Flack’s death.

Laura Whitmore has admitted the death of Caroline Flack ’frightened’ her.

The TV presenter, who took over as Love Island host in January, said she thought Caroline was ‘strong-willed and feisty’ and that she used to think ‘I wish I could be as strong as her’.

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“It still doesn’t sink in,” she told Cosmopolitan.

“You just forget that happened. It’ll never be OK and it’ll never be right.

“It did scare me because I always thought Caroline was really strong. She was so strong-willed and feisty and I remember thinking, ‘God, I wish I could be as strong as her.’

“I felt like if people said things, it wouldn’t bother her. But obviously it did because everyone is human.

“I don’t want to speculate reasons because nobody will ever know. [But] it did frighten me.”

Caroline Flack took her own life in February.

Days after the tragic news broke, Laura delivered a heartfelt message during her radio show.

She said: "Caroline loved love, that's all she wanted, which is why Love Island was so important to her. The show was about finding love, friendship and having a laugh.

"The problem wasn't the show – the show to work on is loving and caring and safe and protected, the problem is the outside world is not."

She then took aim at those who added to Caroline's pressures, saying: "Anyone who's ever compared one woman against another on Twitter, knocked someone because of their appearance, invaded someone else's privacy or who have made mean unnecessary comments on an online forum need to look at themselves.

"To the press and newspapers who create click bait, who demonise and tear down success, we've had enough.

"I've seen journalists and Twitter-warriors talk of this tragedy and who've twisted what the truth is. You don't have to tear down someone to feel good about yourself."

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