WATCH: Kim Kardashian Admits The Insane Hair And Make-up Clause In Her Will

16 March 2018, 11:41

If you thought you were anywhere close to keeping up with Kim’s beauty commitments, think again. This is next level.

It’s safe to say Kim Kardashian is kind of obsessed with her beauty regime, she has a notorious glam squad who follow her everywhere she goes - setting up entire hotel rooms to get her and her sisters looking their A game round the clock.

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But the reality TV queen has confessed to taking it to a WHOLE different league with a clause written into her will where a team will do her hair and make-up should she become too ill to do it herself (like she does it herself now…?) 

In a video with Elle magazine, Kim went through some of the craziest headlines written about her and confirmed or denied their truth. 

KKW confirmed: 'I made a section [in my will] that if I am so out of it that I can't even communicate, and I am like s***ting on myself, I definitely need my hair, my nails and my makeup done.'’

Consider the bar raised. 

She even added to the wild headline that it wasn’t just hair and make-up but also her nails!


She was also asked if it was true Kris Jenner was trying to trademark 'momager' which she quickly corrected, as her mum had already done so ten whole years ago. 

Wow. The truth has been set free and it's just as absurd as we'd expect from the most dramatic fam around.

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