Twitter Destroyed Kendall Jenner For Appearing At The Golden Globes For Her “Acting In The Pepsi Ad”

8 January 2018, 14:36

Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner is a model, reality TV star and member of the biggest, most controversial reality star family in Hollywood. So when she rocked up at the Golden Globes on Sunday having not been nominated for anything, or starred in anything other than her family’s show, people couldn’t quite work out why she was there.

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She’s a Kardashian so let’s face it, they get invited to everything. But that didn’t stop people having a field day with one Twitter user convinced that Kendall was there for her “nomination” for that tragic Pepsi ad she did last year. 


Luckily for little Kendall some people didn’t mind that she was there because at least she stuck to the memo and dressed in a long black number to protest the sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Better luck next time, Kendall. 

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