Has Kendall Jenner Fallen Out With Dad Caitlyn?

7 February 2023, 13:40

The lowdown on the 'falling out' rumours
The lowdown on the 'falling out' rumours. Picture: Getty
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Have Kenndal Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner fallen out? Here's everything we know about the rumoured rift.

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Rumours swirl that Kendall Jenner has fallen out with her dad after Kardashian fans spot a glaring sign that hints toward a disagreement between the two.

It's thought that the supermodel is at odds with her parent after it was discovered that Caitlyn Jenner unfollowed her on Instagram!

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Fans discovered the social media diss, which was made all the more bizarre when they realised Caitlyn still follows her other children, former stepchildren, and Kris Jenner.

Fans think Kendall and Caitlyn have fallen out
Fans think Kendall and Caitlyn have fallen out. Picture: Getty

Days after reports of the shade emerged, it seems Jenner quickly followed her daughter once again on the platform, with Kendall's name now being at the very top of the 'Following' list.

It didn't take long for theories to crop up on Twitter, some alleged that there could be family friction whereas others claimed it was most likely just an accident.

Users definitely had opinions about the unfollowing/following drama, one wrote: "caitlyn jenner unfollowing kendall is so childish??? like that’s your mf child why the hell would u unfollow. [sic]"

Kendall is Caitlyn's most recent followed account
Kendall is Caitlyn's most recent followed account. Picture: Caitlyn Jenner/Instagram

Another chimed in with an opinion: "That is surprising bc out of all the kids Caitlyn seems to be closest to Kendall. So Kendall must have really p****d her off."

Both parties are yet to publicly comment on the rumours, whether they had a falling out and reconciled, or the entire drama was all a theory, we may never know.

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