JK Rowling Has Revealed That She Plays The Sims & We Have So Many Questions

17 August 2017, 15:04 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

JK Rowling and The Sims

Really hoping there's Sim versions of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

JK Rowling is quickly becoming one of our Twitter heroes. Not only does she talk about important issues but she regularly stays in touch with fans from the world of Harry Potter. 

Above all though, we just love that she’s always super-relatable, and none more so than her recent photo.

> J.K. Rowling Has Twitter In Uproar After She Apologised For Killing Off One Of Harry Potter's Most Famous Characters

What was just meant to be a simple post about her broken laptop, caused a Twitter frenzy when fans noticed a familiar icon on the navigation bar of her laptop. It turns out that the author of Harry Potter plays The Sims.

Yep, the game that you probably played in the 90’s and got addicted to due to being able to run peoples lives how you wanted, and don’t tell us that you didn’t spend hours designing your dream home. 

And yes, that’s correct, the 93rd most powerful woman in the entire world just loves geeking out over her Sims characters and as you can probably imagine, the internet is loving this revelation. 

It all started when the author tweeted out to her 11.7 million followers with the news that she was replacing her ‘glitchy old laptop’ with ‘broken keys’ for a brand spanking new version. 

After opening the images to full size, eagle-eyed fans spotted The Sims logo hovering in the task bar of the MacBook and The Sims' official account even shared a cheeky, magical reply:

Fans have since been sharing alternative names for Harry Potter books. 

Now, we have a few questions about this:

  • Did she dream up the world of Harry Potter on The Sims and then developed it into a novel?

  • Does she remake the famous houses from Harry Potter on The Sims? 

We’re imagining little tiny Hogwarts, a Godricks Hollow and a Previt Drive. 

  • Does she name her Sims Harry, Ron and Hermione? 

  • Did she make one really evil Sim, made him ‘be rude’ to everyone and name him Voldemort?


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