WATCH: Jeffree Star Addresses Kanye West 'Secret Relationship' Rumour

8 January 2021, 10:05 | Updated: 8 January 2021, 16:03

By Kathryn Knight

Jeffree Star and Kanye West are not in a secret relationship, with the beauty blogger telling fans they "have too much time on their hands".

Jeffree Star was just as stunned as the rest of the internet when he woke up to the rumours he’s been having a physical relationship with Kanye West – claims made in a viral TikTok after it was reported Kim Kardashian and her husband of six years are getting a divorce.

The fact Kanye has been laying low at his ranch in Wyoming, where Jeffree Star recently moved to, had some fans convinced the allegations were true but the beauty influencer has finally shut it all down.

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He said in a YouTube video: “I’m single ... I’m not sleeping with anyone.

Jeffree Star has responded to the wild rumour he was sleeping with Kanye West
Jeffree Star has responded to the wild rumour he was sleeping with Kanye West. Picture: Jeffree Star/Instagram / Getty
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting a divorce
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting a divorce. Picture: Getty

“This is so weird … this is so stupid. Let me just say this one time … I like very tall men. Me and Kanye have never hung out, and this whole thing is really funny.”

Jeffree wrote in the caption of his upload: “Hi 2021, let's relax. Addressing this Kayne West and Jeffree Star situation.”

The allegation was first hinted at by TikTok star Ava Louise who insinuated a relationship between the social media mogul and the Grammy winner.

She noted she didn’t have “concrete evidence” but claimed it was the reason Kim and Kanye are getting a divorce.

However, the Kardashian-Wests have been at the centre of split speculation for months, after the rapper made some controversial claims about their marriage and told a crowd at a Presidential rally he and Kim almost had daughter North aborted.

He also went on various Twitter rants involving mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

Kim stood by Kanye, who has mental health struggles, but they have reportedly been living separate lives for some time now and the mum-of-four has hired divorce lawyer Laura Wassner to dissolve their marriage.

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