Actors From 'It' Are Feuding With A Beauty Vlogger On Twitter Over His Latest Halloween Tutorial & It's A Bit Ridiculous TBH

13 October 2017, 17:40 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

IT versus Beauty blogger

Kinda terrifying, kinda hilarious.

You may have seen some vlogger drama circulating on your social media feeds over the last few days, because the internet is currently in a frenzy because of James Charles’ most recent video. 

It all started when James went on a cinema trip to see ‘It’.

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He wasn’t a massive fan of the movie and afterwards tweeted (and deleted) that it was “awful”… and then chaos descended.

‘It’ fans lost it. We’re not sure why.

James later apologised for his comment and later clarified that whilst he thought the film was well made, it just wasn’t his film. He was expecting a horror film, and was disappointed to find that it’s more a dark comedy. 

He then proceeded to do a Pennywise makeup tutorial. 


No, but seriously, people lost it. 

Trolls came for James claiming that because he didn’t like the movie, then he shouldn’t do a make up tutorial on it. 

James rightfully pointed out that it’s literally his job to create makeup tutorials. “You don’t have to like a movie to do a tutorial on a look from it & being that it’s the most popular movie right now, it would be dumb of me to not do a tutorial”, he wrote on YouTube. 

HOWEVER, then actors from ‘It’ started to jump on the bandwagon which has now caused even more drama. 

Finn Wolfhard (also of Stranger Things fame) took a jab at the MUA for tweeting during the movie: 

Then Wyatt Oleff, who plays Stanley in the film, also shaded James:

And then things got really nasty:

But Nicholas Hamilton who plays Henry Bowers wanted to have the final word:

Oh yeah, and this totally happened too...

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