Taylor Swift Fans Believe Song Cardigan Is About Ex Harry Styles

29 July 2020, 12:23

Taylor Swift's 'Cardigan' fits perfectly with Harry Styles' 'Falling'.
Taylor Swift's 'Cardigan' fits perfectly with Harry Styles' 'Falling'. Picture: PA images

Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Cardigan’ song on ‘Folklore’ about her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles?

Taylor Swift shocked fans when she dropped her surprise eighth studio album, ‘Folklore,’ last week.

Fans have been loving the dreamy songs - and merchandise, which Selena Gomez was photographed wearing - and the lead single ‘Cardigan’ has got everyone talking.

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Taylor Swift fans think 'Cardigan' on 'Folklore' could be about Harry Styles.
Taylor Swift fans think 'Cardigan' on 'Folklore' could be about Harry Styles. Picture: PA images

The reason for this is because the song just so happens to fit perfectly with Harry Styles’ song ‘Falling,’ which featured on his 2019 ‘Fine Line’ album.

YouTube user Cosmic Mashups has uploaded a video of the two tracks mixed together and, we can’t lie, they do sound beautiful together!

Some have pointed out that there are even similarities between the two music videos.

“As soon as I saw the second piano she played in the Cardigan video with the water coming out of it I thought of the Falling video," wrote one person.

Fans have been going crazy over it in the comments and are now begging them to officially ‘duet’.

“We need Tswift and Harry collaboration.... Just imagine,” wrote one.

Another added: “This hit me on another level it hurts. Bye.”

Fans of the pair will know the musicians dated briefly in 2012 and Swift’s hit songs ‘Out of the Woods,’ ‘Style’ and 'I Knew You Were Trouble' are about the One Direction star.

Could the former couple reunite for a collaboration in future?! Stranger things have happened.

BRB, off to listen to this mashup on repeat.

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