We've Added Up How Much 'A' Has Spent On Torturing The Pretty Little Liars Girls & It's A LOT

15 March 2017, 17:06 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

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Based on today's exchange rate, obvs.

It can’t just be us that regularly asked how much ‘A’ must’ve spent on tormenting the girls in Pretty Little Liars.  

Like, they legit made a real life, full size dollhouse for the girls to live in. WHO HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY LYING AROUND?!

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Although, we have to hand it to them that if they weren’t trying to torment the Liars at every given moment, we might actually be quite impressed with their organisation and time management skills. 

However, someone has broken down the sheer cost of everything that ‘A’ has done to the Liars over the course of the series… and it’s a lot. 

“Gifts” to the girls - £114.55

Add together the cost of a custom necklace made from human teeth, a DIY snow globe and a post car-crash gift box and $50 gift card, you get to the nice sum of £114.55

Postage of the gifts - £123

Let’s say that ‘A’ posts their gifts about five times per season and only sends things regularly at around £4 per package, that’s £123 over the course of six seasons. 

Outfits for 'A'’s crew - £245

Trench coats come in at about £81 and a black lace veil to complete the look costs about £41, so multiply that by two to account for the Red Coat and Black Widow and that’s £245.

Preserving human remains - £730

When Ali’s grave was dug up and 'A' began sending the girls items from her coffin, they would’ve had to have preserved her body somehow… and in doing so would’ve needed to spend around £730.

'A'’s uniforms - £798

If each person who had played 'A' bought ten hoodies and five pairs of leather gloves each, collectively they would spend around £798.

The creepy AF dolls - £1060ish

Porcelain dolls are around £122 each, rag dolls around £78 (customised ones, of course) and Barbie-esque dolls around £13ish each. Let’s presume that she has three sets of each for each of the PLL girls, 'A'’s doll budget is therefore approx £1060. 

Travel - £1400ish

Given how much travelling 'A' has done in order to follow the girls around to places such as New York City and even London, you’re looking at around £1400.

Melissa’s custom-made Black Swan costume - £1600+

We can’t believe that it’s this expensive either. 

The latex masks - £2400+

Let’s bare in mind how many latex masks have been used in the six seasons… 

Technology - £8,100+

With military-grade laptops, surveillance software and mobile phones, you’re looking at over £8100+ on tech in order to torture the Liars. 

Mona’s room at the Lost Woods Resort - £31,000+

Given that Mona lived in a motel for around two years, the bill would’ve racked up. Let’s say that the motel is £36 per night which is the average cost of a motel room in the area and then take into account her dollhouse, surveillance equipment and the cost of developing ALL those photos - we’re going with around £31,000+.

Cars - £130,000+

There’s three 'A'’s, right? Mona, CeCe and “Uber A”. 

The average car costs around £16,000+ and if each 'A' has two cars, then that’s around £98,000+. 

They also have to buy insurance, petrol and pay for maintenance, which is around £5500 per year. 

Mona spent two years as 'A', CeCe spent three years and “Uber A” has been around for about a year, meaning that so far they have spent £11,000+, £16,500+ and £5500 (respectively) on car payments. 

The dollhouse - £181,900+

Given that it’s built underground and decked out with custom features, we’re presuming that it was built from scratch… which means that it’s already £163,600+. 

Add in all the ‘fun’ extras:

  • £3500+ of a surgical station
  • £37 for each of the girls’ microchips 
  • £164 for each of the girls’ prom dresses and then throw in another £123 for a tux 
  • £1300+ for an electric fence 
  • £800ish for a film projector and screen
  • £610ish for an amplifier 
  • £200ish for decorations for their prom 
  • £3200ish for a sprinkler system

TOTAL: £361,000 (give or take...)

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