Where Was Holidate Filmed?

2 November 2020, 14:47

Check out the filming locations behind Netflix's Holidate
Check out the filming locations behind Netflix's Holidate. Picture: Netflix

Netflix's Holidate may be set in Chicago, but it was actually filmed in an entirely different US state altogether.

Holidate has been capturing the hearts of fans ever since its release on Netflix, whether that's down to its cosy, festive feel that the world needs now, or because of its possible Ryan Gosling cameo.

Despite its star-studded cast, including Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, a huge character in Holidate happens to be its setting, which got many fans wondering where it was actually filmed.

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Despite Holidate being set in Chicago, it was actually filmed in Georgia, as screenwriter Tiffany Paulsen explained "... the hook of the romance was a year of dates.

"I knew I wanted to set the story in a city that would really reflect the change in seasons. Snowy winters, fall foliage, summer fun on the lake."

One of the most notable settings in Holidate is the Gwinnett Place Mall, which just so happens to be the same location they used to film Starcourt Mall in season three of Stranger Things.

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