Harry Styles Tagged In Music Teaser By Band Cannons & We're All Freaking Out

28 October 2020, 11:10 | Updated: 28 October 2020, 11:24

Harry Styles tagged in music teaser and fans are living
Harry Styles tagged in music teaser and fans are living. Picture: PA Images

Harry Styles may have new music on the way after a band tagged him in their teaser post and fans are demanding answers.

Harry Styles may have new music on the way after band Cannons tagged the singer with some very suspicious looking side-eye emojis which has fans simultaneously freaking out and demanding answers.

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Harry Styles releases Golden music video teaser

The indie-electro band from LA (who are signed to the same label as Haz, Columbia Records) posted a screenshot of music waves on a computer screen as artists often do when teasing new music, tagging the 'Adore You' singer and taking many by surprise.

The tweet has been liked more than 44k times, with thousands of fans asking just what on earth is going on.

From asking "WHAT ON EARTH" and "TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON" there are a whole lot of caps lock comments of fans urgently requiring more information.

But something about those teasing eyes and screenshot of very cryptic music sound waves tells us we won't be getting anything more for now!

There are endless questions we desire the answers to.

Such as, have these guys been making music together?

Have they simply listened to new music Mr. Styles has been working on and are sending their approval?

Have they just been jamming together at their record label and liked the outcome?!

It seems Cannons are insinuating something exciting could be on the way, but when, we ask?! WHEN?!

Harry is a man who clearly has his fingers in many pies lately, currently out in LA filming Don't Worry, Darling with Florence Pugh as he grows his acting portfolio, but who is to say he isn't multitasking and also working on new music in his free time too.

As an LA based band, it would make sense if he's been working with them whilst across the pond.

But for now, we will just have to be patient!

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