Reactions To Harry Styles's Sassy Instagram Clap Back Have Been Priceless

3 December 2020, 15:53

The reaction to Harry Styles's sassy Instagram post has been iconic
The reaction to Harry Styles's sassy Instagram post has been iconic. Picture: YouTube Harry Styles

Harry Styles uncharacteristically clapped back his dress-wearing critics on his Instagram and the reaction has been amazing, hilarious and everything we'd hoped for.

Harry Styles clapped back at critics of his Vogue cover in a dress who demanded the return of 'manly men' in an uncharacteristically shady (but amazing) Instagram post and naturally, people had a lot to say about him showing his sassier side.

Fans and celebs alike have been reacting to the post with some hilarious and applause-worthy responses...

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To summarise, Haz broke the internet posting a dreamy shot of him in a pastel blue suit, nonchalantly and tongue-in-cheekily eating a banana with the caption:

"Bring back manly men."

The 'Adore You' singer is referencing Conservative political commentator Candace Owens who was an outspoken critic of him wearing a Gucci gown.

Fashion journalist and socialite Derek Blasberg joked to Harry, who is looking off to the side:

"A real man will eat a banana and make direct eye contact with you."

One person simply wrote, "checkmate."

Another summed up what we're all thinking, saying: "When i told you i gasped at the caption."

It is very safe to say people's hearts are still pounding seeing the artist they know and love throw some well-deserved shade for literally the first and only time in his life.

It truly was a momentous moment!

A fan wrote on Twitter: "I still can’t process the fact harry styles was actually shady for the first time that I have seen and slapped back at someone who threw hate towards him for days."

"I honestly can’t believe he typed out “bring back manly men” & posted it like that makes me so happy YES HARRY."

And of course, this iconic meme reared its head, as if so often does- and honestly, where's the lie?

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