Harry Styles Fans Are Living For His Soothing Calm App Story- Here Are The Best Reactions

9 July 2020, 11:04 | Updated: 9 July 2020, 11:13

Harry Styles fans are obsessed with his Calm app stroytime
Harry Styles fans are obsessed with his Calm app stroytime. Picture: PA/Twitter

Harry Styles's soothing Calm app reading has finally been released to the world- and fans are absolutely living for the 'Adore You' singer reading them a relaxing bedtime story.

Harry Styles has arrived to rescue 2020 from the depths of despair by reading an uplifting and insanely soothing story to help people get to sleep on the Calm app- and fans are absolutely living for it.

Harry Styles Fans Urge Not To Sexualise His Calm Reading

Obviously, the point of Haz's story, which includes a field of sunflowers and lying under the stars, is designed to de-stress you and help aid a peaceful night's sleep, which he definitely achieved, with the singer being praised for focussing on mental health during this unnerving period.

However, for some fans, having the former 1D star in their ears was far too exciting for them to drift off to sleep, whilst others were getting all in their feelings having his dulcet tones in the room with them.

Some even became wistful knowing they'd likely never have Haz telling them a real life story to help them sleep, with one person writing:

"The person that marries harry won’t need to download calm to listen to his voice before falling asleep because they’ll have HARRY STYLES as a life-long partner."

Another person saw the funny side in fans clambering to a meditation app to get a listen to their favourite guy and wondered what other fandoms would make of them.

When it was first released, the app actually crashed because so many people tried to access it at once, yet another sign of the power of Mr. Harry Styles.

If you haven't been able to listen to Harry's story, people have transcribed the whole thing which you can read here!

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