Harry Styles’ Curly Hair Strand In Previously Unseen Picture Is Sending Fans Wild

20 October 2020, 10:38

Harry Styles' strand of hair sent fans into meltdown
Harry Styles' strand of hair sent fans into meltdown. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles fans can’t stop talking about the one strand of hair on his forehead in new pictures of him hanging out with Anderson Paak.

A new photo of Harry Styles hanging out with Anderson Paak, who has the same manager as the pop star, has sent fans wild on Twitter.

When it first surfaced, fans thought it was a snapshot from Don’t Worry, Darling, which is under production in LA at the moment with Harry, Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde and Chris Pratt.

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However, it’s since emerged the picture isn’t a recent one but instead is from Harry’s meet-up with Anderson Paak and his band.

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In the never-before-seen photos of the ‘Adore You’ singer rocking a super stylish vintage outfit, Harry looks as smouldering as ever.

Clearly taken weeks before his long hair was recently chopped, Harry was styled in a brown pair of checked, wide-leg trousers, a buttoned-down blue shirt, and a suave tartan blazer.

If his old school get-up wasn’t enough to have fans screen-grabbing the photo, the solo strand hair on his forehead took the frenzy to an entirely new level.

The gold chains, smidge of facial hair and hands-in-pockets stance also helped.

Harry Styles recently chopped his longer locks for Don't Worry, Darling
Harry Styles recently chopped his longer locks for Don't Worry, Darling. Picture: Getty

The single curl over his forehead was the hottest talking point, though.

“That curl lives in my head rent free,” one fan hilariously tweeted.

“Holy cow he looks so good,” replied another.

“That. one. loose. strand. of. hair.” Summed up a third.

Harry’s one loose curl appears to have a fandom of its own, with hundreds of Twitter users rushing to share their fave pictures of the independent lock of hair.

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