Dream With Harry: Harry Styles Teaming Up With 'Calm' App To Read A Soothing Bedtime Story

6 July 2020, 17:11 | Updated: 6 July 2020, 17:21

Harry Styles teaming up with Calm app to read a bedtime story
Harry Styles teaming up with Calm app to read a bedtime story. Picture: Getty Images

Harry Styles is collaborating with the Calm app, as they announce #DreamWithHarry, a soothing bedtime reading to help people get off to sleep.

Harry Styles has teamed up with the Calm app for #DreamWithHarry, a soothing reading by the man himself coming on Wednesday, teasing a tiny snippet of what's to come on July 8th saying "Hello, I'm Harry Styles", and obviously, everyone's losing it.

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They first sent the internet into meltdown posting a watermelon emoji, and if the clue wasn't enough, the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer liked their Instagram post.

Teasing the watermelon emoji along with a book and a bed, it's clear Haz is going to be reading something calming- but what that is remains a mystery.

Naturally, fans are wildly speculating about what Mr. Styles will be dropping by to do, with some suspecting he'll read a calming bedtime story, and others wondering if he'll be doing some good ol' ASMR.

One rumour even suggests he'll be reading children's book Louis the Fish, having a special connection to the story from his 'Adore You' music video, where he frees a fish into the ocean.

People are already apologising in advance to the app if it experiences any type of technical difficulty and crashes, because let's be real, they're about to get a whole new set of users in the form of Harry's loyal, and enormous, fanbase.

We'r pretty sure Harry could recite the phonebook and people would listen to it on repeat forevermore.

Harry has been an ardent support of mental health, especially in young people, and has backed the app for helping people, so it makes perfect sense he's offering up his time.

One user thanked the singer, writing: "He always seems to know what we need, looking out for our mental health and well-being."

"I just love how he finds a way to be there for us. Thank you, @Harry_Styles & @calm Looking forward to whatever you have planned."

We may not know what he's going to read- but one thing we do know for certain is Harry's dulcet tones will be sending us to sleep this Wednesday night, and we cannot wait.

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