9 Things That Can Happen On Social Media That Are 100% Scarier Than Halloween

27 October 2017, 11:24 | Updated: 27 October 2018, 11:31

Voxi Halloween

The internet can be a scary, scary place.

Halloween is meant to be the scariest time of the year, right? 

All those terrifying costumes, the fake blood, the horror movies, the trick or treaters… 

But, it turns out that the scariest things can actually happen all year round… and it’s in public domain for most people to see.

Yep, there are things in your everyday life that are scarier than Halloween. 

1. Liking Something On Social Media From Approx 57 Weeks Ago:

Hands up who has been scrolling on Instagram on your best friends, ex boyfriends, cousins, sisters, new boyfriends account and accidentally hit that dreaded heart button on a photo that is probably about three quarters of the way down their entire feed? Or worse yet, your own exes social media feed!

We’d take back to back viewings of ‘IT’ over that happening any day. 

2. Writing A Hilarious Tweet, Only To Find It Goes Over The Character Limit:

Less of a concern now that Twitter has a 280 character limit but still, ANNOYING. 

3. A Spelling Mistake In A Tweet:

You post out a hilarious tweet only for THAT one friend to reply and point out your spelling error. FFS. 

4. Seeing TV Spoilers:  

Your 6 episodes in to season 3 of your favourite TV show but someone you follow is always one step aheads and therefore, ALWAYS RUINS IT. 

5. When You Try To Stalk Your Crush & Their Account Is Private:

How am I meant to show my best friends what you look like if your account is private? That tiny photo in the corner isn’t going to help. 


6. When Twitter's Down But You've Got The Next Viral Tweet Ready To Go


7. When You Keep Getting Notifications From A Post You Commented On Days Ago:

We just wanted to congratulate you on your engagement, we didn’t really want to be involved in a conversation with your entire friends list on Facebook. 

8. When You Send A WhatsApp Message, The Person Reads It & Doesn’t Reply: 

Those dreaded two blue ticks and no reply are potentially more frightening than werewolves. 

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