Gogglebox Star Reveals Families Aren't Friends & Have Never Met Each Other

6 July 2020, 14:15

Gogglebox star reveals none of the families have ever met
Gogglebox star reveals none of the families have ever met. Picture: TikTok tommalonejr/ Channel 4 Gogglebox

A Gogglebox veteran has admitted the families aren't close and never hang out, which is kind of upsetting news and we're not entirely sure why.

Gogglebox's Tom Malone (junior) has revealed none of the families on the show know each other or have even ever met, despite having racked up years of airtime between them all, and we're NGL, it's made us kind of sad.

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Answering questions on his TikTok account, Tom answered someone who was wondering if they 'actually know' anyone else on the Gogglebox line-up.

He said: "We actually don't know any of the other families on the show, we've never met them."

"Occasionally we might tweet each other or mention something to each other on Twitter or Instagram but we don't meet up or anything like that... never met any of them."

The Malone family, who have starred on the Channel 4 show since 2014 and are one of the longest standing families on the show, quickly becoming one of the nation's favourites.

Their famously grump dad, Tom Malone (senior), their array of TV snacks and their enormous pet dogs have made for a seriously winning formula, and now, Tom junior has seen success on TikTok by getting his family to appear in videos.

His account now has half a million followers, and they're proving they're just as hilarious when getting up to their daily antics as they are on their very well known sofa.

We're not sure why we assumed they were meeting up for giant Gogglebox parties all the time, but finding out they never hang out and only occasionally tweet each other is hard to process!

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