Gigi Hadid Is ‘So Excited’ To Raise Her & Zayn Malik’s Baby Together In New NYC Apartment

29 July 2020, 09:00

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have moved from their Pennsylvania farm to NYC
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have moved from their Pennsylvania farm to NYC. Picture: Instagram/PA

Gigi Hadid recently moved into her new, stunning New York apartment with her boyfriend Zayn Malik as they prepare for the birth of their first child.

Gigi Hadid and her beau Zayn Malik are expecting their first baby together, this September and they have now moved into their ‘dream spot’ where they plan on living as first-time parents.

After showing off the $5.8million (£4.4million) New York City apartment on Instagram, it turns out the move was sooner than the model had expected!

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According to a US report, the mother-to-be was ‘thrilled' that the place was ready in time, with a source saying: "Gigi and Zayn recently moved into their New York City apartment after spending several months on lockdown at the farm in Pennsylvania.

“Gigi was so excited to finally see the completed space and she was thrilled to share the design with her followers. She’s been planning the design of this place for what feels like forever now and she can’t believe the time has actually come.”

Gigi Hadid showed fans inside her NYC home
Gigi Hadid showed fans inside her NYC home. Picture: Instagram

The couple had been spending lockdown together in their farm in Pennsylvania, closeby to her family's farm, but Gigi is apparently buzzing to now be giving their baby an NYC life, with the insider adding: "She’ll still be spending a lot of time on the farm, but it’s so nice to have her home in the city, too.

"Gigi wasn’t sure if it was going to be ready on time, but it all came together perfectly and she couldn’t be happier with the final results.

"She can’t believe this is the home she’s going to raise her baby in, it’s still surreal but it’s hitting her more each day and she feels like it’s a dream come true.”

Being the ultimate low-key couple, Zayn and Gigi have been keeping to themselves, even more so following her pregnancy announcement and it seems she’s in no rush to get back into the spotlight.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are expecting their first baby in September
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are expecting their first baby in September. Picture: PA

The source went on to say: "Gigi is loving life out of the limelight, this time away has been a major reset for her. It won’t be forever.

"She loves her career and she’s still in such high demand and has lots of stuff she still wants to do. But there’s no doubt that from now on motherhood will be the priority for Gigi.

"Her mom was so hands on, she will be the exact same way. And she’s already so naturally maternal and mature, she’s very ready for this, she’ll be the best mom.”

We just know Gigi and Zayn will be the best parents!

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