Gigi Hadid Reveals What She Misses The Most And Is Avoiding During Pregnancy

11 August 2020, 10:10

Gigi Hadid has been steering clear of her favourite hobby during pregnancy
Gigi Hadid has been steering clear of her favourite hobby during pregnancy. Picture: PA/Instagram

Gigi Hadid is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Zayn Malik and has opened up about what she misses the most during her pregnancy.

Gigi Hadid is about to be a first-time mum as she’s expecting her first child with her long-term boyfriend Zayn Malik and she’s now revealed there’s one thing has been avoiding during her pregnancy.

In a Q&A with fans on Twitter, the supermodel opened up about what she’s ‘missing the most’ and it’s her horse-riding hobby!

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One fan asked her: “Have you been on a horse (for a safe ride) since you are pregnant? or are you totally avoiding it?”

Gigi responded, saying: "Early on I did (only walking tho) but not anymore. Missing it!! [sic].”

Gigi Hadid revealed she misses horse-riding
Gigi Hadid revealed she misses horse-riding. Picture: Twitter

However, she went on to admit that she still hangs out with them, adding: "I still hang w em and bring them carrots [sic] [carrot emoji] [smiley emoji].”

The 25-year-old had spent the first few months of her pregnancy in quarantine with her former One Direction beau, at their farm in Pennsylvania, where she was constantly around her horses.

But Gigi revealed last month that the pair had moved to her stunning New York City apartment to prepare for the birth of their baby.

Showing off pictures on Instagram, she explained that she had been designing her ‘dream spot’ for a year and she was so excited to move in!

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are set to be parents for the first time
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are set to be parents for the first time. Picture: Instagram

A US publication reported that she was ‘thrilled’ that the apartment was ready in time for her birth, with an insider saying: "Gigi and Zayn recently moved into their New York City apartment after spending several months on lockdown at the farm in Pennsylvania.

“Gigi was so excited to finally see the completed space and she was thrilled to share the design with her followers. She’s been planning the design of this place for what feels like forever now and she can’t believe the time has actually come.

"She’ll still be spending a lot of time on the farm, but it’s so nice to have her home in the city, too. Gigi wasn’t sure if it was going to be ready on time, but it all came together perfectly and she couldn’t be happier with the final results.

"She can’t believe this is the home she’s going to raise her baby in, it’s still surreal but it’s hitting her more each day and she feels like it’s a dream come true.”

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