GCSE And A-Level Students Can Sit Exams In Autumn To Improve Grades

30 June 2020, 14:45 | Updated: 30 June 2020, 14:57

GCSE and A-level pupils can sit exams in autumn
GCSE and A-level pupils can sit exams in autumn. Picture: Getty

All GCSE and A-level pupils can sit exams in autumn if they’re not happy with the grades given to them at the end of this term.

Pupils who want to improve their GCSE or A-level grades will have the chance this autumn, the government has confirmed.

After schools shut in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, some GCSE and A-level pupils will be given a teacher-calculated result this summer, but those who aren’t able to receive one of these or want to improve their grades will have the opportunity in autumn this year.

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All qualifications will be based on the exam only for those who choose to sit it, with only art and design accepting coursework towards the final grade.

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GCSE, AS and A-level students weren’t able to take their exams at the end of the current term meaning they were relying on a predicted grade.

For those who feel they weren't given an accurate reflection of their performance can sit in an exam in autumn.

If pupils who have completed coursework are happy with the grade already given, they don’t have to take the exam.

The highest grade will be taken as the final result for those who do choose to sit the exam.

Ofqual confirmed today (30 June) they are varying the normal rules to allow exams to take place outside of May and June.

If students request so, the exam boards must issue replacement certificates for the summer results.

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