We Can't Believe G-Eazy Actually Got Away With This Rock Star Move At Airport Security

29 March 2018, 11:24 | Updated: 16 May 2018, 11:39

G-Eazy Airport Security With Magazine Cover

You pretty much know you've made when you can use a magazine cover shoot as ID, and it works.

We can't tell if we should be worried or extremely impressed at the 'only-a-famous-person-could' stunt G-Eazy pulled at an airport when attempting to get through security.

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According to his girlfriend and fellow 'You And I' singer Halsey who tweeted about the episode, G-Eazy - who we totally didn't realise is in fact called Gerald btw - successfully got through airport security by flashing a magazine cover he was on.

He apparently realised he had lost his ID and rather than having a public meltdown like your average person, he pulled out his XXL magazine cover and the airport security ACTUALLY let him through?! The cheek.

The couple haven't named the airport that allowed him to travel with nothing more than a cover shot... which is probs for the best. Social media users couldn't handle this news, with people wondering just how on earth this was allowed.

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