Here's How To Never, Ever Be Embarrassed On Facebook Ever Again!

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Thanks to this incredible life-hack, no-one will ever have to see those awful, AWFUL memories you've got. You're welcome.

There's three words that everyone dreads seeing as they log in to Facebook. 'On This Day'.

Those three words can only mean one thing - there's going to be a horrific photo of you, back in the day, with floppy, gelled hair, a lairy pink polo shirt with the collar rolled up and you're probably holding hands with someone who - now - you wouldn't make eye-contact with for longer than seven seconds.

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Let's face it - Facebook is for the now. We don't spend an hour and a half nailing and filtering a "spontaneous" selfie only for it to be ruined by a photo of us fast asleep on our mates sofa with expletives doodled on our face.

This is where we come in. There's a way to hide all of this forever. Simply...

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Log into Facebook. Head to 'Apps' and click on 'On this Day'. Click 'Preferences'. Then click 'Edit'.

From here, you can choose who's involved in these memories - so long photos of you and that ex, or the times your Mum uploads baby pics of your bare bum - and you can pick from dates, so you'll never have to worry about the video of you crying on your own at prom ever resurfacing. (No. That, erm... Definitely didn't happen to us. Definitely.)

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