Emma Has Confirmed That She & Terry ARE Still Together & We Couldn't Be Happier About It

11 August 2016, 14:11 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Emma Woodhams and Terry Love Island


Just yesterday we brought you the news that Emma and Terry from Love Island may have split up. 

And we went on to spend the rest of the evening eating an entire tub of ice-cream in sympathy.

> Have Love Island's Emma & Terry Broken Up?! There's A Tweet Going Round Saying She's Cheated On Him

Emma & Terry Love Island

Because, if they can’t make it work when they are CLEARLY made for each other, then how on earth are we EVER going to be happy in love?

Well, it turns out that the ice cream binge may have been a little premature because the lovely lady herself has confirmed to Capital that they are indeed going strong!

Responding to us late last night, she confirmed that “Yes, still very much together. Don’t believe everything you hear it’s dangerous!” 

Can we get a WOOP WOOP?!

Emma also went on to reply to a fan commenting, “No chick, you know what people are like”, before telling another, “It was a silly story hun you know what young lads can be like”.

Well, thank goodness for that.

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