Have You Heard About Craig David's MASSIVE Upcoming Collabs?!

19 December 2015, 19:20 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

If Craig David manages to pull of these collaborations, they will be the BEST hits of 2016. Without a shadow of a doubt. AND WE CANNOT WAIT!

When Craig stopped by to chat to Roman, the pair discussed some upcoming partnerships that the 'When The Bassline Drops' singer is looking forward to do.

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He let slip that he's been working hard in the studio with Sigala, and if their hit is anything like 'Sweet Lovin'', then we'll pre-order THIS second.

Then Mr David spoke about how him and Drake hit it off like a house on fire after they banged on and on about how much they loved each other's work. If the mix-tape doesn't happen, at least an IMMENSE bromance might!

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