Coronavirus Tests Can Now Be Booked Online For 10 Million Key Workers And Their Households

24 April 2020, 08:54

Key workers and those they live with can now book a coronavirus test online through the government's website.

In a bid to get Britain “back on her feet” according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, up to 10 million key workers and their households will be able to book a coronavirus test online or through their employer.

If they or a family member have symptoms of COVID-19 they will be able to book to take a test through the government website.

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Employers can also book a test on behalf of their staff.

10 million people can now apply online to take a test for coronavirus
10 million people can now apply online to take a test for coronavirus. Picture: PA

You will not be able to apply to take a test if you are not a key worker.

However, the government still remains significantly short of its target of 100,000 tests a day by the end of this month.

Matt Hancock announced during Thursday’s daily briefing key workers will be able to apply to take a test from today, 24 April.

He also announced a commitment to recruit 18,000 people to trace contacts of those infected.

Matt Hancock coronavirus online test booking
Matt Hancock announced the online booking for tests for key workers begins today, 24 April. Picture: PA
Key workers can apply online for a coronavirus test
Key workers can apply online for a coronavirus test. Picture: Gov.UK

Previously only those whose work was deemed critical to the coronavirus response were allowed to take a test.

Now, employees considered key workers eligible for coronavirus tests include NHS and social care workers, police officers, teachers, those in the justice system, supermarket and food production workers, journalists and transport workers.

The government are hoping this will allow essential staff to safely return to work.

Once people enter the details on the government website they will receive an email inviting them to either book an appointment at a drive-through test centre or to request a home testing kit, which are currently in limited supply.

The test involves taking a swab from the back of the throat and inside the nose.

The government are aiming for results to reach people within 24 hours, but some cases might take a little bit longer.

Results will also be added to the person’s medical records.

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