COVID-19: Breakthrough In Trial As Vaccine Could Provide 'Double Protection' Against Virus

16 July 2020, 11:11

A COVID-19 vaccine trial is showing promising results
A COVID-19 vaccine trial is showing promising results. Picture: Getty Images

A Coronavirus vaccine trial in Oxford is showing 'promising early' results and a jab could potentially give people 'double protection' from the virus.

A COVID-19 vaccine trial at the University of Oxford is showing 'promising results' and researchers believe they have made a breakthrough by discovering the jab could provide 'double protection' against the virus, in some welcome positive news surrounding the pandemic.

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According to the Daily Telegraph, the human trial, which has involved 1,000 British volunteers, is said to have 'stimulated the desired response from the immune system' with the body producing both antibodies and 'killer T-cells' against the virus.

A source told ITVs Robert Peston: "An important point [thing] to keep in mind is that there are two dimensions to the immune response: antibodies and T-cells."

"Everybody is focussed on antibodies but there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the T-cells response is important in the defence against coronavirus."

Robert Peston went on to say: "If the Oxford vaccine is proven effective, it could go into mass production as early as September."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock also said the 'best case scenario' is a vaccine being made available some time this year but admitted it may be more likely to be in 2021.

So, it might not all be doom and gloom after all, just when we thought 2020 was a right off?!

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