COVID-19: Government To Announce Dozens Of 'Quarantine Exempt' Countries Safest To Visit

2 July 2020, 14:49 | Updated: 2 July 2020, 15:15

Government to announce list of low-risk countries without travel quarantine
Government to announce list of low-risk countries without travel quarantine. Picture: Getty Images

Low-risk countries that don't require a quarantine are likely to be announced by the government following uncertainty around summer holidays.

Dozens of countries are reportedly set to be exempt from a travel quarantine from Monday 6th July according to government sources, making it easier for people to travel and go on holiday, welcome news for the tourism and air industry.

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What was expected to be announced were 'air bridges' have been scrapped an instead, the government are expected to announce countries Brits can travel abroad for a summer holiday this year without having to quarantine.

Many are frustrated as the government were expected to announce the 'air bridge' news already, with futher delay now they've seemingly scrapped the plans.

A list of 'low risk' countries are expected to be announced
A list of 'low risk' countries are expected to be announced. Picture: Getty

Having already announced they plan to rank countries with a traffic light system as either green, amber or red according to how prevalent the virus is, it now appear they will be publishing a 'long list' of countries deemed low risk.

Travel and tourism companies have been asking the government to clarify the travel 'corridors' as customers resume booking and a high level of uncertainty remains about where people can and can't go, and how long their quarantine must last.

It is possible that up to 75 countries deemed low or very low risk will be exempt from the UK's quarantine from Monday, July, according to the BBC.

It is also worth mentioning some of the countries on this new list do still have restrictions on people travelling in the other direction, from the UK.

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