Coronavirus: Will Children Be Able To Visit Both Homes During COVID-19 Lockdown?

24 March 2020, 06:46 | Updated: 24 March 2020, 07:03

Many are concerned about their children's wellbeing during the lockdown
Many are concerned about their children's wellbeing during the lockdown. Picture: Getty

After the Prime Minister announced a three-week lockdown, parents questioned what there children could do if they had two homes.

On Monday, 23 March, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that the UK would be in a three-week-long lockdown in an attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Parents across the country were left confused what this would mean for their children who are separated between two homes.

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As Boris Johnson addressed the country, he stated that the lockdown would shut down everything bar vital shops, and that everyone should stay at home, unless you're shopping for essentials.

This then lead to parents questioning whether or not they'd be able to take their children to see their other parent, if they were to live in two separate homes.

According to the government, children under 18 are allowed to be moved between their parents' homes.

On Twitter, and user by the name Miss Locket, said her son was upset as he believed he wasn't going to be able to see his father until the end of the three-week lockdown.

Labour MP, Jess Phillips, then responded, writing to her 361k followers, saying "Children living in two homes will I am sure be able to travel between homes. I will seek clarification but it will surely be considered essential."

Schools across the country have closed due to COVID-19
Schools across the country have closed due to COVID-19. Picture: Getty

During his speech, Boris Johnson said there was only four reasons someone should leave the house, including shopping for basic necessities - but he did urge for people to use delivery services as much as possible; one form of exercise a day; any medical need, or travelling to and from work but only when this is absolutely necessary.

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