Can You Walk Your Dog During COVID-19 Lockdown As Police Announce 'Reasonable Excuses' To Leave House

17 April 2020, 12:31

Can you still walk your dog during COVID-19 lockdown in the UK?
Can you still walk your dog during COVID-19 lockdown in the UK? Picture: Getty Images

As new guidance is released about what you can can't do outside the house, people are wondering if walking their dog is acceptable? We've got all the information about the UK's official COVID-19 lockdown guidance.

As more detailed guidance is released from the police outlining what is deemed an acceptable reason to leave your house, people are still wondering if they are allowed to walk their dog in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Coronavirus: What Is A "Reasonable Excuse" For Leaving Your Home During Lockdown Extension?

Does it still count as part of your one hour of daily exercise, or could you land yourself a fine? We've got everything you need to know.

It comes as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced the restrictions would be extended for an extra three weeks, with May 7th the earliest date that life could begin to return to normal in the UK.

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Can I walk my dog during lockdown?

Yes, you are allowed to walk your dog outside, permitting you keep to social distancing rules of 2 metres apart from another person, and you shouldn't be touching other people's dogs.

Dog walking is permitted as part of the one form of daily exercise outlined by the new rules.

This means that dog walkers will be allowed to leave their home once a day to take their dog for a walk as part of these guidelines.

Households with two or more adults will have to take it in turns to walk their dog if the dog usually gets walked more than once a day.

What are other acceptable reasons to go outside?

An updated list of acceptable reasons to leave your house were announced on 16th April.

These include going to another house to 'cool down' after an argument, and they've reassured people they are still allowed to buy luxury items including alcohol and snacks.

You are still allowed to buy DIY tools for essential repairs, for example a fence that has blown down in the wind, but you are not permitted to buy paintbrushes for redecorating purposes.

More than 3,200 fines were handed out to people flouting the rules in England between March 27 and April 13.

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