Can I Meet My Friends And Family In The Park?

12 May 2020, 12:14

Can I meet up with my friends and family in the park?
Can I meet up with my friends and family in the park? Picture: PA images

Can I meet my friends and family in the park?

The list of things we want to do right now but can’t, due to coronavirus, is about as long as Ariana Grande’s ponytail.

Following Boris Johnson's address to the nation on Sunday, we now know things like social events and trips to the hairdressers are still pretty far away.

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However, as of Wednesday, some of the UK’s lockdown rules will be slightly relaxed.

One rule in particular that everybody is eager to know about is the one that concerns seeing friends and family members again.

So does that mean I can now meet my friends and family in the park? Let’s take a look…

Can I meet my friends and family in the park?

Under the new plans, people will be allowed to meet and sit down with one other person at a time from outside their household.

However, this can only happen outdoor and they must remain two metres apart.

Boris Johnson didn’t include this particular rule change in his TV address on Sunday, which is why there seems to have been some confusion.

First Secretary of State Dominic Raab also caused uncertainty when he claimed that an individual could meet with more than one person from a different household.

However, a government spokesman later confirmed this was no the case and set the record straight.

They said: "The logical consequence of what we're doing in terms of adding unlimited exercise is that you could sit next to a single friend in the park but you'd have to be two metres apart — just one single person."

The rules do not apply to meeting in gardens, as this is still not allowed.

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