37 Incredible Presents Every Nineties Kid Begged For...

21 December 2016, 11:10 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Mr Frosty

By Matt Tarr

How many of these seriously awesome gifts did you REALLY want!?

If you grew up in the nineties, you'll no doubt have some fond memories of the presents that you were bought and loved, or ones that you always wanted but never actually got (we know your pain).

Well we had a little think and put together a list of the essential presents that every nineties kid absolutley had to have - we'd be happy to get half of these today tbh!

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So how many of these incredible gifts did you actually own then?


1. Furby

2. Tamagotchi

3. Everything Barbie...

4. ...Or Action man

5. Gameboy

7. Everything Teletubbies

8. Playstation

7. Poster Of Your Favourite Band (Probably Spice Girls)

8. The Latest Huge Hit On Casette (Or CD If You're Lucky)

9. Etch-a-sketch

10. Pogs

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11. Tech Deck

12. Sega Lock On

13. Sylvanian Families

14. Buzz Lightyear

15. Polly Pocket

16. Every Remote Controlled Car Ever

17. Kick Master

18. Meccano

19. Karaoke Machine

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20. Dance Mat

21. Dreamphone

23. Talkboy

24 Walkie Talkies

25. My Baby All Gone

26. Cabbage Patch Kids

27. Mr Frosty

28. Stretch Armstrong

29. Spirograph

30. Sky Dancers

31. Beanie Babies

32. N64

33. Frustration

34. Blo Pens

35. Screwball Scramble

36. Everything WWF

37. Slinky