People Are Royally Ripping Chris Hughes For Flogging Mineral Water Made With His Tears

9 October 2017, 11:02 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Chris Hughes tear water

Yes, there’s a full on advert and everything.

OK, we have reached peak Love Island. There is officially NOTHING LEFT that the cast won’t try to flog to make a couple of quid… including their own tears, apparently!

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Yes, Chris Hughes has released an advert for bottles of water infused with one of his tears which are being sold for the princely sum of £2 at Topshop, and fans having been ripping into him for it.

Chris and Topman revealed the video which seems to see him trying to emulate the likes of David Beckham, and fans were left confused as to whether the product was a joke or not. They took to Twitter to voice their opinions... 

While we’re certain that even if it were legit, it wouldn’t actually contain any of Chris’ tears, although the product is listed on Topman’s site, there isn’t an option to add it to your basket, which leads us to think it might not actually be available.

Real or not, we hope this is the last time we see one of the Love Island lot trying to flog their actual bodily fluids. Guess there’s more money in that than charcoal toothpaste… 

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