WATCH: Chloe Ferry Says Trolls Made Her Get A Boob Op, Leaving Her With Scars In Heartbreaking Vid

25 September 2017, 11:38 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Chloe Ferry Boob uplift

The Geordie Shore star broke down over regretting the operation.

Being in the public eye means a lot of celebs get targeted by vile trolls, and Chloe Ferry has revealed the devastating effect the confidence knocking messages have had on her self-esteem and body.

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The Geordie Shore star broke down and cried about the scars she has been left with following a breast uplift, which she felt compelled to do after receiving horrible messages on Instagram.

She revealed, “So I'm going to tell the truth about something I've had done, but no-one knows about. I used to think that I had the best looking boobs ever, they were so round and so perky. I was so confident and I thought they were so nice. 

“So, I put a photo on Instagram a while back with a low-cut top on, and everyone was commenting saying I had saggy boobs. From them people commenting on my photo saying that, it stuck in my head really badly and I became really insecure about it.

“I became really insecure about my boobs, so I got an uplift, and I've got awful scars on my boobs now because this person said that my boobs were saggy. That was literally from someone saying I had saggy boobs. I just think people need to be a lot nicer on comments and stuff because it really does affect people.

“I used to think I had the best looking boobs ever and someone commented on that photo and I got my boobs done. Now I'm left with a scar for life. If that person didn't comment on my photo then I probably wouldn't have got my boobs done.”

It’s not the first time the 21-year-old has been under the knife, having had lip fillers, eyebrow lift injections and botox, veneers and a nose job in the past, which she hasn’t regretted.

It just goes to show, words can hurt people this much – here’s hoping Chloe decides to ignore future haters and doesn’t take their nasty words to heart. 

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