Cheryl Pulls Out Of Gig As She Grieves Bandmate Sarah Harding

24 September 2021, 16:29 | Updated: 24 September 2021, 16:52

Cheryl has pulled out of Birmingham Pride
Cheryl has pulled out of Birmingham Pride. Picture: Getty/Cheryl/Instagram
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Cheryl has cancelled her appearance at Birmingham Pride due to "tumultuous and constant" grief over the passing of Sarah Harding.

Cheryl has pulled out of an upcoming gig as she grieves the loss of her long-term friend and former bandmate, Sarah Harding.

Cheryl and Sarah worked alongside one another for over a decade as members of the mega-successful girl group, Girls Aloud.

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Harding lost a battle with breast cancer and passed away on September 5th, aged just 39. In the wake of the heartbreaking news, a wave of dedications made their way online.

Now, the 'Fight For This Love' singer has taken to Instagram to explain the cancellation of her next concert.

Cheryl releases a statement about grieving band-mate, Sarah Harding
Cheryl releases a statement about grieving band-mate, Sarah Harding. Picture: Getty

On Friday, Cheryl posted an Instagram story to tell fans that she was pulling out of her appearance at Birmingham Pride, which begins on September 25th.

In the candid post, she wrote a poignant message about her need to withdraw from the scheduled performance.

The text read: "Saying goodbye to somebody you spent such a massive piece of your life with is like nothing else.

"My heart is heavy. Grief is such a harsh experience and an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. Questions without answers and pain without resolve. So tumultuous and constant."

Cheryl posted her statement to Instagram
Cheryl posted her statement to Instagram. Picture: Cheryl/Instagram
Cheryl and Sarah Harding met on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002
Cheryl and Sarah Harding met on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. Picture: Getty

Cheryl went on to reveal that she was cancelling her set: "With that said I am so sorry but I really am not emotionally, mentally or physically able to perform for you this Saturday at Birmingham Pride.

"I apologise wholeheartedly and I can only hope for your understanding (I promise I will make it up to you somehow)"

She finished the heartfelt message: "I feel now I just need some time to sit with my feelings and process the grief... Nothing prepares you for this bit..."

The LGBTQ+ event also released a statement in the wake of the cancellation, stating that they were fully supportive of Cheryl's decision.

The organisation said: "Naturally we are disappointed that Cheryl is unable to perform for us all this weekend, but we fully understand and respect her decision. Personal loss and grief, in the big scheme of things, are far more important than any single performance."

The fee from the musician's performance will be donated to charities in support of LGBTQ+ individuals who are battling cancer.

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