Martin & Shirlie Kemp Admit They Got Their Own Back On Roman On The Masked Singer

16 January 2023, 16:00 | Updated: 17 January 2023, 13:23

Martin & Shirlie Kemp got their own back on Roman Kemp
Martin & Shirlie Kemp got their own back on Roman Kemp. Picture: station owned

The couple revealed they wanted to embarrass Roman...

Martin & Shirlie Kemp joined Capital Breakfast following their unmasking as 'Cat & Mouse' on The Masked Singer.

The pair lost out in this week's sing-off to 'Knitting' before unveiling themselves, to the surprise of the panel.

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However, no one was more surprised at the reveal than their son & host of Capital Breakfast, Roman Kemp.

Martin & Shirlie joined Capital Breakfast
Martin & Shirlie joined Capital Breakfast. Picture: station owned

After a reaction video of Roman went viral on social media over the weekend, Martin hilariously explained the motive behind their appearance:

"We got exactly the right reaction, because that was the only reason we did it in the first place... to embarrass him."

Sharing why they'd kept it a secret, Shirlie continued: "Look at the pranks you've done on me since you were about 12 years old... as soon as they said 'Masked Singer', I thought, 'Oh, this is going to be so good once Ro finds out.'"

As well as chatting about the reveal, Martin shared a hilarious behind the scenes story:

"Forget the show, it's about what happens before, right? Backstage, they dress you in complete black. You've got a complete black visor, you've got gloves on.

"One night we come out of the studio and the limousine wasn't waiting for us, so they put us in a taxi, we're in the back of a taxi. The driver must have thought 'What is going on!?'"

Well done Martin & Shirlie!

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