Kim Kardashian Blasted For 'Selfish' Million Dollar COVID-19 Donation Whilst Promoting SKIMS Brand

30 March 2020, 11:31

Kim Kardashian slammed for million dollar donation whilst promoting SKIMS
Kim Kardashian slammed for million dollar donation whilst promoting SKIMS. Picture: Instagram @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian has been slammed for donating toward fighting COVID-19 but promoting her SKIMS brand and only donating a portion of her proceeds.

Kim Kardashian has been blasted for pledging to donate a million dollars to help fight COVID-19, but promoting her SKIMS brand in doing so, saying the money will be raised by restocking and selling her product, many of which has said is insensitive and unnecessary considering she's worth around $350 million.

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Posting to Instagram, she promised to donate $1M, accompanying the pledge saying, "on Monday, we will restock the collection we first launched with, and in doing so, be able to help bring relief to those affected by this pandemic."

However, fans weren't impressed at the 39-year-old pushing her brand whilst amid the donation announcement, branding her 'selfish' and 'out of touch.'

One user wrote: "Kim you and your family are rich as hell why do you need to make a profit off of everything. If you truly care about donating just donate $1M but the thing is you don't care about people who have less than you."

Fans blast Kim Kardashian's donation efforts
Fans blast Kim Kardashian's donation efforts. Picture: Instagram @KimKardashian
Fans blast Kim Kardashian's donation
Fans blast Kim Kardashian's donation. Picture: Instagram @KimKardashian

Another pointed out that in order to restock her shape wear, workers would have to put themselves in potentially dangerous situations and not be able to practice social distancing.

They wrote: "I thought you said your practising social distancing.. will your workers be social distancing while working for u restocking, packing and trying to sell your products or does it only apply to the privileged?"

It seems Kim is following suit from billionaire sister, Kylie Jenner, who also pledged a million dollars to provide protective equipment to medical staff, with the doctor she donated to branding her a 'hero who will save countless lives.'

There seems to be extra bad feeling toward Kim after referring to Taylor Swift as 'self-serving' for addressing the leaked Kanye West footage which reveals she was never asked about lyrics in his song 'Famous' about her.

Taylor pointed her millions of Insta' followers to a series of organisations helping during the pandemic, which many called selfless, and are now calling Kim a hypocrite because of it.

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