Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Calabasas House, Millions Of Dollars & Priceless Gifts At Stake As 'Divorce Imminent'

6 January 2021, 11:11

What will Kim and Kanye have to split in their divorce?
What will Kim and Kanye have to split in their divorce? Picture: Getty Images

As news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's 'imminent' divorce breaks, everyone is wondering how the super rich couple will even begin to split their Calabasas mansion, millions of dollars and endless cars, clothes, jewellery and expensive furniture.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appear to be headed for divorce six years after they tied the knot and while we try to stop sobbing and trying to believe love isn't actually dead, everyone is looking to their multimillion dollar empire and how they'll go about dividing up their assets.

From their $52 million LA mansion they designed together, to endless cars, art, expensive jewellery, other properties and of course, millions of dollars- here's everything KimYe will have to battle over and how it could go down.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Getting Divorced

Kim Kardashian wears a money trench coat to celebrate her friend's billion dollar deal

First up, it has been strongly rumoured KKW has enlisted the help of celebrity lawyer, Laura Wasser, who she also used in her divorce from Kris Humphries, to represent her through this process.

Laura has taken on endless high profile divorce cases including Angelina Jolie's, Kelly Clarkson's and Hilary Duff and has even been branded the 'divorce queen'.

As of yet, it isn't clear who Kanye will enlist to help him in the split, nor is it known what each of them want out of the divorce.

Calabasas mansion

Kim and Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life | Architectural Digest

The most controversial asset the couple own together (and will have to decide who gets) is their $52 million Calabasas mansion they completely renovated at the cost of $20 million to turn into their minimalist, family haven.

The clean, white walls and corridors have been the subject of endless conversations, jokes and memes along the way and has been featured in Architectural Digest.

It's being reported Kim will try to get Kanye to allow her to keep the house as it is where she currently lives with their four kids while he has decided to move to his sprawling Wyoming ranch.

Wyoming ranch

Kanye purchased a $14 million ranch in Wyoming back in September 2019 and has widely been reported to be living there since late 2020 when rumours of KimYe's separation first surfaced.

After recording an album there, Kanye decided he wanted a giant 'thousand acre' property there to 'set up the Yeezy campus', so Kim has little to do with the property and will likely not have any entitlement to it in their split.

Kim has spent time on the ranch along with their four kids in many occasions and the whole Kardashian family have also visited and made fond memories there.

It is also not known what the pair will do in terms of custody as Wyoming and California are a two and a half hour flight apart.

Millions, if not, billions of dollars

Kanye officially hit the cover of Forbes as he official joined the ranks of Kylie Jenner in the billionaire club thanks to his Yeezy sneaker and clothing line and of course, musical success.

Kim, in her own right, doesn't sound to be far off with Forbes estimating her net worth to be around $900 million, so all in all, there is a hell of a lot of money at stake.

A reported prenup from when the couple wed back in 2016 seems to be relatively straightforward, with Kim keeping all the money she makes through her business channels and anything Kanye has gifted her over the years (which is a lot).

Jewellery and designer goods

Throughout their relationship, Kanye has always lavished Kim with one-of-a-kind gifts, from a bespoke painting of herself from street artist Bambi, to a $40,000 Birkin bag painted on by artist George Condo.

He's also given her thousands of dollars worth of stock and Kim bought 'Ye a $750,000 Lamborghini for his 35th birthday.

There has been jewellery, the gift of a million dollars he thanked her with for not accepting a promo deal ripping off his designs and so much more we'll probably never know about.

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