6 Of The Funniest Reactions To Kylie Jenner Being Called A 'Self-Made' Billionaire

6 March 2019, 12:45

Kylie Jenner's fans have questioned whether the star really is 'self-made'.
Kylie Jenner's fans have questioned whether the star really is 'self-made'. Picture: Instagram

Fans of Kylie Jenner are totally here for her massive achievement of becoming a billionaire at 21... they're just not sure she really counts as 'self-made'.

Forbes have named Kylie Jenner the youngest self-made-billionaire ever... which immediately caused the internet to erupt with memes questioning whether she deserves the title.

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While nobody's disputing the fact that her billion-dollar earnings are seriously impressive, people have been wondering about the 'self-made' part - given that Kylie comes from a millionaire family with incredible connections.

Here are the funniest reactions to Kylie's new title:

If you're not running billion dollar ventures, you probably have more time to worry about mouldy bread, to be fair....

However. the struggles are still hella real:

We doubt Kylie is super bothered about what's being said about her not being 'self-made' - she's got literally billions to be spending.

We'd totes be just like this if we were in her position:

Some of them haven't stopped laughing since the news was revealed:

... but at the end of the day, whether she's technically self-made or not, she's still absolutely killing the game.

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