Joe Jonas gives emotional Hesitate performance amid Sophie Turner split reports

4 September 2023, 17:09

Joe Jonas performs Hesitate live following Sophie Turner split

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Joe Jonas wrote 'Hesitate' as a love letter to Sophie Turner.

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Joe Jonas has performed 'Hesitate' live for the first time since reports that he's divorcing Sophie Turner, and fans are crying.

Yesterday (Sep 3), TMZ reported that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are divorcing. According to a source, the beloved couple have had "serious problems" for the past six months and Joe is currently seeking council from lawyers before officially filing for a divorce. Joe and Sophie first started dating in 2016. They got married in 2019 and have two daughters together.

Now, fans have noticed that Joe is still wearing his wedding ring on tour and he performed a very emotional song last night.

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Joe Jonas performs Hesitate live for first time since Sophie Turner split reports
Joe Jonas gives emotional Hesitate performance amid Sophie Turner split reports. Picture: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images, @dontworryjustbreather via TikTok

On August 12th, the Jonas Brothers launched their 'Five Albums. One Night. World Tour.' and, as the title suggests, the setlist includes every song from their five biggest albums. As a result, Joe performs 'Hesitate' from Happiness Begins every single night and fans will already know that Joe wrote 'Hesitate' specifically as a love letter to Sophie about their relationship.

Speaking to Apple Music in 2019, Joe said: "It's one of those love letters that you write to your partner saying, 'I'll be there no matter what.'" Joe sings: "I will take your pain / And put it on my heart / I won't hesitate / Just tell me where to start / I thank the oceans for giving me you / You saved me once and now I'll save you too / I won't hesitate for you."

Following reports of a divorce, fans worried that Joe might not perform 'Hesitate' for the rest of the tour. However, he still sang it last night (Sept 3) in Austin, Texas. Clips of Joe, who often gets emotional while singing the song, have now gone viral.

Reacting to a viral video of the performance on Twitter, one fan tweeted: "Now, this hurts." Another person reposted the video and wrote: "im not strong enough for this."

Someone also tweeted: "refuse to believe the divorce rumors bc if you write a song like hesitate about someone you’re legally required to stay together forever."

Fans also spotted that Joe wore his wedding ring throughout the show. He often kisses his wedding ring after he sings 'Hesitate', but last night, he did not kiss his ring. According to TMZ, Joe has been photographed both with and without his ring on in recent months.

As it stands, neither Joe nor Sophie have publicly commented on the divorce reports. While Joe is on tour, Sophie is reportedly filming a new project in the UK.

Whatever’s going on, whether it’s true or not… we sincerely hope they’re both ok.

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