Jeffree Star And Shane Dawson Shade Beauty Bloggers Including Jaclyn Hill And Tati Westbrook

22 January 2020, 12:49

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star shaded their fellow beauty gurus
Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star shaded their fellow beauty gurus. Picture: YouTube / Instagram

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson spilled the tea on the beauty world in Shane’s new YouTube series, ShaneGlossin.

Social media influencer Shane Dawson shared the deleted scenes from his and Jeffree Star’s Beautiful World Series on his new YouTube channel ShaneGlossin, as well as revealing an insight into the beauty world drama that took place over the past year.

The new video begins with Shane and boyfriend Ryland Adams watching their security cameras showing a stranger walking around outside their home as they document how they coped with the attempted break-in.

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The later part of the episode is titled ‘Rude Beauty Gurus’, where he, Morgan Adams, and Jeffree spoke about the beauty bloggers they’ve met who have been rude to them and the bad experiences Morgan has had on brand trips.

Leaving the bloggers’ names out of it, Jeffree explained: “It’s a crazy experience of like, you see this girl doing a tutorial and now she’s blackout drunk, screaming and crying about her ex, on the floor. And you’re like on a brand trip. You’re just there to post about an eyeshadow palette.”

But things got even more dramatic when he flashed back to what was dubbed ‘dramageddon’ when Tati Westbrook’s fallout with James Charles went public.

Shane's reaction to the Tati Westbrook/James Charles drama is also documented
Shane's reaction to the Tati Westbrook/James Charles drama is also documented. Picture: Shane Dawson/YouTube

Walking outside ranting about the situation, Shane screamed: “Shut the f*** up!” as he shouted about the beauty gurus messaging him asking how they should respond.

They then addressed Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick launch, where the first few batches of products to be made were riddled with what looked like hair and mould.

Jeffree said he was refusing to talk about the lipsticks on his channel until Jaclyn “figured out what’s happening with them”.

Shane meanwhile showed himself unboxing his PR delivery box, adding: “They’re all hairy, to a point where it looks like I rubbed it on my dog.”

“I have never seen labs wear ‘white furry gloves’… On a real level as a business owner I can’t fathom what is f*****g going on!” Jeffree agreed.

However, the pair sympathised with the beauty guru after Jeffree was previously horrified to see a customer found a paint brush bristle hair in one of his highlighters.

“Why does she have a problem with every launch? I feel sorry for her,” Jeffree added.

Shane also filmed the massive box of gifted products he received from Rihanna's makeup brand Fenty, estimating it was worth about £950.

Fans are now eager to see more from Shane's new channel, and all the tea he's yet to spill!

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