Jacqueline Jossa Calls Out People Sunbathing In Parks And Urges Fans To Stay In Lockdown

6 April 2020, 16:01

Jacqueline Jossa despairs at people flouting the lockdown rules

Jacqueline Jossa tried to encourage her fans to remain indoors after people were spotted soaking up the sun in parks and public places this weekend.

Jacqueline Jossa, like much of the nation, is getting fed up of seeing people ignore the lockdown rules by hanging out in groups in parks as the UK self-isolates to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to Instagram Stories to plead with her followers, the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2019 winner called out theose avoiding the social-distancing measures in place and asked people to just take a walk outside instead of loitering in green spaces.

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She told her fans: “Have people forgotten that we’re going through all of this? You can’t go round your mates’ house, you can’t have big family groups, you can’t have barbecues with 10 people.”

Jacqueline Jossa told those who don't have a garden, 'tough'
Jacqueline Jossa told those who don't have a garden, 'tough'. Picture: Jacqueline Jossa/Instagram

Jacqueline, 27, posted the video while sunbathing in her garden, telling people who don’t have access to their own private outdoor space, “tough!”

She urged: “Just stay in your own homes with the people you are self-isolating with. Just stay indoors and keep safe.

“Just because it’s hot outside – if you you haven’t got a garden, it’s one of those things… tough”

The former EastEnders actress added: “Maybe do your one-a-day exercise take a walk or something. But just stay indoors, otherwise we’re going to be doing this for f*****g ages.”

Jacqueline Jossa responds to Instagram backlash over her telling people to stay indoors

She continued: “We don’t know how long it’s going to be anyway, but if we know what we can do to at least shorten the amount of time we’re in lockdown, we should be doing that.”

Jacqueline then reminded her fans of what people have put on hold while the pandemic sweeps across the nation.

The mum of two added: “So that people can see their families, have their weddings, get their holidays, go back to work and start earning again.

“It’s not a joke for everyone sat at home missing their families and friends.”

Jacqueline Jossa later addressed the backlash for her first video
Jacqueline Jossa later addressed the backlash for her first video. Picture: Jacqueline Jossa/Instagram

Jacqueline later revealed the backlash she received for posting the video, saying: “No one is saying you can’t go for a walk, absolutely get some fresh air, just don’t go to a park and let your kids play with other people’s kids and stuff like that.”

She reminded her followers: “We’re not the ones on the frontlines putting ourselves at risk, we have the easy job.”

The actress added: “We all have kids that are worried and stressed… my kids are getting stressed… but if we stick at it we might be done in a couple of months.”

Jacqueline lives with husband Dan Osborne and their two daughters; Ella, five, and Mia, almost two.

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