WATCH: Toff Takes On Our Surprise Blindfold Challenge

13 September 2018, 15:15

Toff proves once again that she's not as posh as you'd think with our surprise blindfold challenge.

With Toff's brand new book 'Always Smiling: The World According To Toff' hitting the shelves, we wanted to test whether or not Miss Toffolo actually had the authority to tell us about the world by seeing if she could identify some every day objects whilst blindfolded.

And you know what... she actually did pretty well!

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We all know Toff is way too posh to eat at a Greggs right? Can anyone actually vision the new author bagging herself a sausage, bean and cheese pastry and a gingerbread man to go? BUT... perhaps we're all wrong, because just one sniff of a sausage roll and she knew exactly what she had in her hands.

You have to love her, she's definitely always got us smiling!

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