Cardi B Reveals The Original X-Rated Lyrics She Wanted To Include In Blackpink Collaboration

2 October 2020, 12:45

Cardi B raps on Blackpink's new album
Cardi B raps on Blackpink's new album. Picture: Getty

Cardi B teamed up with Blackpink for their song ‘Bet You Wanna’ off of their new album, The Album.

Cardi B raps a verse on Blackpink’s ‘Bet You Wanna’ and the lyrics are much more family-friendly than the hilarious rapper typically gives.

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After shocking listeners with the iconic ‘Wap’ with Megan Thee Stallion earlier this year, Cardi toned things down for Blackpink’s younger audience but her lyrics are as good as ever.

Cardi B revealed the lyrics she originally wanted to include in the song
Cardi B revealed the lyrics she originally wanted to include in the song. Picture: Cardi B/Twitter

The lyrics, via Genius, Cardi raps are:

Take the car keys, drive me crazy (Vroom)

Cardi a good catch but you gotta chase me (Ha)

Grab my waistline, but don't ever waste me (Mm)

Turn on "Please Me" but don't ever play me (No)

One of a kind, you can't replace me (Yes)

Time to shine, I bust down the A.P. (Bing)

The stakes is higher (Hey)

Let's do what we both desire (Hey)

On God, like I'm in the choir (Woo)

I bet you if you make me sweat, I'll still be on fire

Bet You Wanna ft. Cardi B

But the 27-year-old has admitted she wanted to rap something closer to the likes of ‘Wap’.

After the song dropped Cardi tweeted to her 14.7 million followers revealing she found it “really hard to do a verse with no curse words”

She confessed: “Ok my last tweet of the night ...It really hard for me to do a verse with no curse words and PG..I really wanted to say ‘I bet if you get me W** I’ll still be on fire.’

”I’ll be reposting tomorrow the whole day ...make sure ya stream ‘BET YOU WANNA [sic].’”

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Fans are loving the new music from Blackpink, with a total of eight new songs and a collaboration with Selena Gomez.

Sales of Blackpink’s ‘The Album’ are already rocketing sky high, hours after its release.

Blackpink dropped their first full studio album, ‘The Album’, today (2 October) and hours after its release the EP became the most downloaded album by a KPOP group in China, surpassing 600,00 sales.

Their album also shot straight to Number 1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart despite a busy day of releases.

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