Big Brother 2017 Is Letting YOU Choose This Year's Outrageous Housemates & Here's How...

31 May 2017, 10:40 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Big Brother 2017

All the power is now in our hands and we suddenly feel so responsible!

So Big Brother is almost back - get in! It's been ages since the likes of Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburn kept us entertained day after day in the celebrity edition and there's always been a BB sized hole left in out hearts waiting for it to come back.

Well Monday 5th June is the date and we've just found out that producers are giving us way more power than we've ever had before, as on opening night you will be able to decide exactly who you want to enter the famous house.

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Check out the trailer for the new series below...

Speaking recently, a BB source revealed exactly how we'll be able to ensure our favourites are front and centre in the show this year. "Big Brother bosses are really running with the election fever of the country this year and mocking up housemates as political party leaders. Like a real-life politician the hopeful housemates will have to convince the public to vote for them with a convincing speech."

So after the potential housemates make a big appeal to win us over, we can vote them straight in - but knowing Big Brother there's bound to be more to it than that as they love an evil twist!

With politics such a hot topic at the moment, it seems BB producers are intent on channelling that into their show this year, which should make for a very interesting watch.

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