Bella Thorne Had To Defend Her Sexuality Against Twitter Users But Her Fans Were Having None Of It

23 September 2016, 13:58 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Bella Thorne

Could her fans have been anymore supportive?!

We literally cannot keep up with Bella Thorne’s life, ATM. 

One minute she’s happy with Gregg Sulkin, the next she has come out as bisexual and kissing her BFF, Bella Pendergast, and now she’s been spotted kissing Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey.

> HOLD UP. Did Gregg Sulkin Just Shade Bella Thorne's New Relationship With His Ex-BFF Tyler Posey?

But the drama doesn’t stop there. 

Despite the response to Bella’s coming out being incredibly positive, there have been some fans who are skeptical. 

Maybe skeptical is the wrong word… perhaps inquisitive is more apt. 

One fan in particular took it upon themselves to ask Bella how she could possibly know that she is bisexual if she has never been ‘sexually active’ with another girl. We think the fan was genuinely coming from a place of curiosity rather than hate, but Bella Thorne was still quick to shut down the questioning by responding, “I didn’t say I hadn’t?”. 

As per usual, Twitter users were quick to wade in on the debate, with many rushing to the defence of the young actress.  

Turns out, you really DO learn something new everyday - particularly for this one tweeter.

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